Thank You For Paying Your Rent On Time~

We kindly accept personal checks, money orders, cashier checks and online payments for rent. Security deposits must be paid in a check or money order. Applications fees can be paid in various options. Thank your for your payment!

Checks or Money Orders:

  • Please put your PMSI rental address, Terrace Park or Milan Commons property address in the memo section.
  • Please sign your check or money order.
  • You may use our on-site exterior drop box for rent drop off located outside the PMSI front door. 117 N. Division St. Ann Arbor MI 48104.
  • If you choose to mail your payment please use: 117 N Division St. Ann Arbor Michigan 48104. Please allow 7-10 days to ensure the payment arrives on or by the 1st of every month.

Online payments:

If using the online payment system take note of the following before following the paylease/zego link: 

  • When paying with a bank account there is a flat processing fee. Please contact Zego directly to ask about processing fees.
  • When paying with a credit or debit card, the processing fee is a percentage of the amount your paying. Please contact Zego directly to ask about processing fees.
  • PMSI will receive your receipt via email right after you submit payment!
  • Zego Paylease: 1-866-729-5327